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Designing Logos for Teachers

How to Create a Memorable Brand Identity for Educators

Modern teacher-authors are discovering the necessity of building a personal brand. Here’s why designing logos for teachers has become a thing.

Big or small, a brand is the essence of any business. Building a brand is a goal the business owner accomplishes to achieve favorable recognition in a marketplace. It is the pathway that nurtures the desired know, like, and trust stages to positive brand recognition.

Your brand is the personality of your business. It should epitomize what you offer and what makes you different. Your brand is not only your logo but the logo is a great foundation for building a recognizable brand. So above all, your logo should be eye-catching and unique.

For teacher-authors, the same applies. Yet why is it that so many teachers’ logos look so similar? The answer lies in an effective branding design strategy. It is the difference between a strategically designed logo that will build into a brand. A brand that encapsulates a teacher’s vision, goals, voice, unique offerings, etc., and a cookie-cutter approach of a seemingly cute font pairing and colors. The main strategic goal is to speak to the consumer not just make it about personal preference. Know your customer and build your brand to appeal to them. It is the strategic design that stands the test of time and builds a solid brand.

Where to begin when designing logos for teachers

At its basic level, a logo is a symbol, image, or design adopted by a business, person, or event to identify its products or services. The process of developing a logo can be daunting for the business owner. It can be quite overwhelming to drill down and decide upon one simplistic graphic that is indicative of everything you do.

The anatomy of a teacher logo design

What I love about designing logos for teachers is the ability to break away from the constraints of mainstream logo design. Creating a logo for a teacher often is about telling a story and it is the storytelling that beckons for visuals that are illustrative and descriptive. My approach to teacher logo design is a fusion of illustration and typographic design that depicts each individual business uniquely.

Even though this approach may reach beyond the normal bounds of one or two color logo iconography, there are still graphical guidelines to consider:

  • Exercise clarity in typography for viewing at small sizes.
  • Choose colors and fonts to accompany the ongoing building of a brand. Continue with complementary material that will reinforce the development of that brand.
  • Be unique and true to the business direction. Take a strategic approach to the design. Think of the ‘why’ and how that aligns with the business goals.
  • Don’t do what everyone else is doing. If it’s a common treatment that is being overused – avoid it. You will not stand out in the crowd.

How to fulfill the creative brief when designing logos for teachers

Clarity in typography example. Pico's Passionate Readers logo

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store Pico’s Passionate Readers

Brand statement: Phonic awareness and skill development for pre-K to 1st grade students.

Graphic elements: Sunflower and glitter. Classy and fun with and with a kindergarten feel.

Color: Bright orange and yellow against a strong complementary blue. Gold glitter.

I loved how easy Stef is to work with! The communication was clear and often. She took the ideas and colors I had in mind and turned it into a fabulous logo! The first “proof” she sent was close to perfect, already, but there were a few things I wanted tweaked. She was timely in returning the changes and also completed my ideas perfectly! I am so excited to share the logo with the world and have a a theme for future branding of my store and future projects!


Let’s take a look at some more examples of logo design for teachers. Although most of the following logos are a hybrid of stylings, I’ll point out these six stylistic elements:

  1. Photo
  2. Avatar
  3. Mascot
  4. Symbolic
  5. Illustration
  6. Typographic

Teacher-authors with a photo logo

Are you the face of the business? Incorporating a photo of yourself in your logo can help build trust. A photographic logo can be a good choice if you want to build a personal brand.

Designing photo logos for teachers

From the Working Dog portfolio

Designing Teacher logo for Know Reach Teach

Brief: To create a logo for teacher-author business Know Reach Teach by Maya Marlowe.

Brand statement: Guidance for culturally responsive teachers.

Graphic elements: The requirement for the logo is it takes on two forms. One as a photographic logo and the other as text only. This variation allows for versatile usages of the logo across different media. The treatment of the background removal within the logo became a photographic treatment as a continuance of the elements across the brand.

Colors: Earthy

Designing Teacher logo for Know Reach Teach

Brief: To create a logo TpT store Simply B Teaching

Brand statement: To be simplistic and representative of teaching phonics to small groups in a simplistic and targeted manner. Products are for teachers of K-2 conducting small group literacy lessons.

Graphic elements: A photographic logo with simplicity and clarity of text. Use of elements to focus on a visual pun on the ‘B’ in the brand name shaped like a bee and this is balanced with feint hexagons representing honeycomb.

Color: Border to incorporate navy blue and maroon.

A variation on a concept.

Designing logos for teachers. An example of a teacher's photo in a banner.

Although the logo for Kylie’s Corner is more an example of an illustration logo, Kylie’s photograph has been used in her quote banner on her TpT store.

Designing logos for teachers. Illustration logo

Brief: To create a logo TpT store Kylie’s corner

Brand statement: To be reflective of English language teaching to a multicultural cohort of primary school students. Kylie is an English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher.

Graphic elements: Global being representative of the world and the brand name ‘Kylie’s Corner’, referring to Kylie’s corner of the globe. Other elements throughout the brand are monotone chalkboard elements.

Color: Green, blue, black and white.

Teacher-authors with an avatar teacher logo

For many, a photograph of themselves can feel uncomfortable. Perhaps your preference is an illustrative style. If a photo of yourself is not your thing but you still want to appear as the face of the business an alternative is an illustrated avatar of you. Illustrated avatars can be styled either realistically or with more of a stylized look, perhaps even in cartoon form.

Designing avatar logos for teachers

From the Working Dog portfolio

Logo design for teachers. An example of an avatar logo

Brief: To create a logo TpT store Ms Eiden Education Creations

Brand statement: Ms Eiden is a licensed teacher in Early Childhood Education and an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. She creates well tested resources. All her resources have been implemented in the classroom before they are put on sale.

Graphic elements: A digitally illustrated avatar of Ms Eiden is used as she believes in the personable aspect of putting a face to her products to stand for the quality. Ms Eiden also is a violinist. The top of the border subtly conveys this touch of her personality.

Color: Black and white theme to illustrate Ms Eiden’s ‘it is what it is’ direct manner in class. She speaks directly to children with the same regard she would speak with anyone of any age. Black and white reflects her straight-up, personable manner.

I started my TpT store only in November and it has been going okay. I was looking to get a logo for my brand and had been following this seller for a while and I loved what I was seeing. I was SO HAPPY when she completed my design. It was fast, professional, and EXACTLY what I was looking for. Stef was able to create what I was picturing in my head with ease. She’s truly a dream to work with. I believe when the school year starts again, my sales will go up because of it.


Designing for teachers. An example of an Avatar logo

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store Allacyn Rowe

Brand statement: Allacyn creates picture sudokus and find-it-fast/spot it games. Predominantly for pre-k to 1st grade right now and non-specific grades.

Graphic elements: Unusual spelling of ‘Allacyn’ to be a feature complemented with a fun digital portrait of Allacyn.

Font: Typographical treatment to create interest in the name Allacyn.


Stef is amazing to work with and I am blown away with her product! She took time to call me personally, came ready with ideas, then asked me questions and worked with me to create a brand. Her work is high quality and very professional. She really wants to make her clients happy and see them succeed. 11/10 recommend!


Teacher-authors with a mascot teacher logo

Businesses with a strong mascot logo are instantly recognized by that mascot. They are seen as a symbol of absolute support for the business, an ambassador, a champion. A Mascot that dominates your business logo can have a ripple-on effect that instils a following of support from your consumers. Just like the support you have for your favorite team so does the mascot that symbolizes that team.

Designing mascot logos for teachers

From the Working Dog portfolio

Designing logos for teachers. An example of a mascot logo

Brief: To create a logo TpT store Teaching Dinos

Brand statement: Teaching Dinos (at this stage) mostly creates logic puzzles. The market cohort is 4th-6th grade gifted students.

Graphic elements: T-rex dinosaur head bursting through a paper print of building blocks. Bold font, bold color and defined lines.

Color: Bold primary and secondary colors.

“I am loving my logo!!! Stef was amazing in every step of the process. Even when I felt bad to make a few changes, she was so gracious and really understood perfectly what it was that I was looking for, and made them with NO hard feelings. This made the process so much smoother for me, and eliminated any potential tension that could of happened, should she of not responded that way. I appreciated how personable she was, her professionalism, and ability to really see and understand the idea I was going for in relation to my TPT store. I cannot tell you how much BETTER this logo is, than the haphazard one I had before!!!!! Phenomenal job. Thank you so much, Stef! I highly recommend Working Dog Resources for any logo design!”


Teacher-authors with symbolic logos

Symbolic or stylized logos take the form of an abstract or figurative design, possibly incorporating a version of a business’s name or a graphic mark. When done well a stylized logo can intensify the value of your brand. The ultimate goal is being recognized by a brand symbol without the necessity of the brand name accompanying the symbol.

The Gundersons Goodies logo highlighted here, could certainly in time utilise its lightbulb GG as a Stylized logo once its market profile and recognition has been created. Does your current logo lend itself to a move to a stylized logo concept in the future?

Designing symbolic logos for teachers

From the Working Dog portfolio

Designing logos for teachers. An example of a symbolic logo

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store Gunderson’s Goodies

During the design development stage for a stylized logomark, a range of concepts are often explored. These are the design concepts that led to the ‘lightbulb moment’ for Gunderson’s Goodies.

Brand statement: Gunderson’s Goodies creates products predominantly for upper elementary.

Graphic elements: I felt that with the alliterative name Gunderson’s Goodies, typographically a play on the two ‘Gs’ would work well. Concepts developed explored an amalgamation of the two letterforms into a logomark. It was this exploration that led to the concept of the ‘Gs’ forming the stylized shape of a lighbulb.

Color: Bright colours that pop, particularly pink and teal on a black background.

Stef did an amazing job on my logo. She was very creative and took the time to get to know me and my goals for my store. The logo she created was a combination of all the things we discussed, and I’m very happy with the way it turned out. I would recommend having Stef create your logo for you anytime. She’s very talented at what she does!


Designing logos for teachers. An example of a symbolic logo

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store Making it Work Education

Brand statement: Products that focus on aiding the teaching of students with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia.

Graphic elements: Complex gears within a simple silhouette graphic of a human brain. Connotations of ‘making it work’.

Color: Coral and navy.

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store Well-rounded Teaching

Brand statement: Elementary school resources. Building empathy in children.

Graphic elements: Reflective of a love of nature. Heart for life and trees. Empathetic.

Color: Purples with a dominance of #6633CB

Teacher-authors with an illustration logo

A well-designed illustration or illustrative logo is the most elaborate of logos. Done effectively it can have a great impact on promoting brand recall. Illustration logos are made up of complex design elements, generally, illustrations related to what the organization does or stands for. They are eye-catching, attractive, and memorable.

Designing Illustration logos for teachers

From the Working Dog portfolio

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store The Ag Teacher’s Companion

Brand statement: To depict a modern-day agriculture curriculum for high school students. Stemming from a teacher with 37 years of teaching students about the industry of agriculture.

Graphic elements: To depict agriculture in the science lab.

Color: Shades of green.

Logo for The Gifted Emporium

Brief: To create a logo for The Gifted Emporium

Brand statement: Deductive logic puzzles for gifted students.

Graphic elements: Stylised seamless patterning to depict mind puzzles. Style influenced by graphic works of M.C. Escher.

Color: Rich red and sky blue.

Designing logos for teachers. An example of a illustration logo

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store Julia’s Religion Resources

Brand statement: Resources for Catholic religion classes.

Graphic elements: A cross and a sacred heart. Text to be simple and easy to read.

Color: Pastels and white writing.

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store Teaching Our Socks Off

Brand statement: Resources such as STEM and interactive escape rooms for 2nd to 4th-grade.

Graphic elements: Floating socks with chevrons indicating movement such as socks flying off.

Color: Bright aqua and purple against black giving off an electric or neon effect.

An example of a illustration logo

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store The Watermelon Teacher

Brand statement: Resources for 2nd and 3rd grade social studies.

Graphic elements: A watermelon to match the business name ‘The Watermelon Teacher’.

Color: Pink and green.

I love how Stef took the time to meet with me one on one before designing my new logo. When I shared it with my third graders and asked for their opinions, many of them said that they loved the new logo, and “it’s so you.” I love it too, and I would recommend Stef because she is a creative designer who pays attention to the little details which make all the difference!


Teacher-authors with a typographic logo

Typographic logo design is text-based (typography) design. However, there is more to typographic design than just finding a pretty font. Firstly, the fonts chosen should match the personality of the brand. Then there is work to be done before it becomes a logomark. Spacing (tracking and kerning), flourishes, ligatures, special characters, manipulation of form are just some examples of how a word made from a few characters of a font becomes a typographical logo beyond just the typed text.

Designing Typographic logos for teachers

From the Working Dog portfolio

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store A Heart to Teach

Brand statement: A teacher who loves to teach.

Graphic elements: A heart with a retro feel of Pop Art design.

Color: Teal and pink.

Designing logos for teachers. An example of a typographic logo

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store Of Course I Can

Brand statement: High school English units that have been tried and tested in the classroom for over 20 years. Specializing in thematic analysis, student engagement, connection, discussion, and relevancy.

Graphic elements: Typographic based to be representative of speech saying ‘of course I can’. Cyclical arrow representative of continued quality again and again.

Color: Turquoise, purple and yellow.

Designing logos for teachers. An example of a typographic logo

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store The Running Classroom

Brand statement: Resources for 2nd grade with a focus on math activities.

Graphic elements: Flowing, cursive text continuous movement (running) into line graphics.

Color: Pinks.

Teacher logo for The Hoopin' Teacher

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store The Hoopin’ Teacher

Brand statement: Resources with a focus on physical education (PE).

Graphic elements: A basketball passing through a hoop. Pinched text to indicate it is following the ball through the hoop.

Color: Orange and black.

Clarity in typography example. I Teach With Heart logo

Brief: To create a logo for TpT store I Teach With Heart

Brand statement: 3rd to 6th-grade resources to assist in introducing, reteaching or enriching standards for reading, writing, language arts, and social studies.

Graphic elements: Open book with heart and a butterfly. Hybrid design being typographic and illustrative.

Color: Purple, black, white and silver.

At Working Dog Resources our planning process is to discuss with you your business in-depth. From there we develop a creative brief outlining the requirements for concept development. It is essential for us to understand you and your business to design a logo that can develop into a long-lasting brand.

Check out more graphic design projects: Portfolio

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