Course memberships

Working Dog Resources offers three signature courses. Courses are custom designed to learn the solid foundations in real-world applicable scenarios specifically for teacher-authors.

Each course teaches the fundamentals of a major topic in parallel with in-depth tuition on how to best use Adobe Creative Cloud to design content.

All membership includes eight annual coaching calls per course where you can ask questions or troubleshoot issues.

Self Publish and Learning Resources

Make your book a reality. This course is designed to walk learners through the process of publishing their ebook, printed book, manual and/or multi-page pdf learning resources.

Learn the production process, file set-up and how to repurpose content for all the different formats.

Lessons are divided into two categories and you have full access to both:

  • Your book in the making covers planning and designing through to all the aspects of the process including an insight into book publishing.
  • The tech set-up is in-depth training in Adobe InDesign, so you create your book file as you go

This course covers everything you need to know and do to bring your publication to life

How to teach graphic design

Follow along with relevant lessons on how to create common product types for your Teachers Pay Teachers store. Learn Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat using the practical examples.

Lessons are divided into two categories and you have full access to both:

  • Entry level starts off with simple exercises and increases in complexity as you work through them.
  • Up and running is jam-packed with technique that is streamlined for the most efficient workflows.

Understand the power of Adobe CC and prepare to save yourself hours in production time.

Graphic Design Fundamentals for Teachers

Demystify what the designers do (and say). This course gives you an insight into the why and how you make desktop publishing decisions.

Understanding the why brings so much clarity to the how. Just to mention a couple of examples, you may know CMYK is for print and RGB is for the computer screen, but you know the why and the how?

You may also know to set printed files at 300dpi/ppi but where does that magic number come from?

This course is jam-packed with explanations that will give you so many aha! moments you will be crystal clear on your file set-up. That correlates directly to speed and efficiency. No more nasty surprises.

Concepts from this course can be considered for any software programs but all examples use Adobe Creative Cloud.

Complete Course Bundle

The three signature courses are available as a membership. Content is drip fed on a monthly or fortnightly basis. Pricing is for either singular courses or the complete bundle is also available:

  • Single course $19.95 USD per month
  • Bundle of all courses $29.95 per month


Membership includes monthly coaching calls where you can ask questions or troubleshoot issues.

FREE Tutorials

Use Adobe Illustrator to Create TpT Covers 

This tutorial is best suited to those for those who have a basic working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator

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