How Accessible Educational Materials are Revolutionizing Learning

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In today’s world, education is being enhanced with the power of accessible educational materials. Gone are the days when learning was confined to traditional textbooks and classrooms and as such with technology, a new era of education has emerged. Accessible design is breaking down barriers in the way our students learn. It is particularly important […]

How to Create Accessible Resources for Universal Design of Learning (UDL)

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Everyone deserves access to education, and accessible design is a key component in making that happen. In this article, we will explore the role of accessibility in the universal design of learning resources. We’ll discuss the importance of accessible design and provide tips for creating inclusive learning resources. Learning resources that are designed for everyone […]

Designing your pathway to learning resources on TPT

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Understanding the journey a buyer takes to find learning resources is essential. This article maps out the buyer’s pathway to learning resources that best suit their needs. As a teacher-author, it’s important to understand the journey a buyer takes to find your products. Let’s chat about identifying the pathway to learning resources that fulfill their […]

How to design product previews for the TPT algorithm and humans alike

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The recent TPT algorithm changes are all the buzz right now. There’s no doubt about it, it is important to consider what steps you need to take for your product to be found on TPT, and cracking the TPT algorithm is sending many sellers into an SEO frenzy. And rightly so, SEO is an imperative […]

How to create fabulous TPT product covers that stop the scroll

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The TPT cover page is the gateway to your product so don’t underestimate how fabulous TPT product covers lead to more sales. The first view of your product often comes about when a potential buyer searches the TPT marketplace. It is important to consider at this point the cover of your product will be viewed […]

How the Functional Graphic Design Process Works in Resources for Learning

Tablet with Working Dog Resources store on the screen, a backpack, and school supplies. Background of a blackboard with text designing resources for learning

Great resources for learning take students on a journey of discovery. They are interesting, engaging, inclusive, and fulfill a need to achieve a learning outcome. Effective resources for learning are well-designed and a well-designed product that achieves these goals will sell on TPT and other online marketplaces. A well-designed product will be welcomed and will […]

Designing Logos for Teachers

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How to Create a Memorable Brand Identity for Educators Modern teacher-authors are discovering the necessity of building a personal brand. Here’s why designing logos for teachers has become a thing. Big or small, a brand is the essence of any business. Building a brand is a goal the business owner accomplishes to achieve favorable recognition […]